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Friday, November 20, 2009

Pheromones Phero-x

What are pheromones?
Pheromones are natural chemicals our body produces to influence sexual activity along with positive feelings of others. They are odorless molecules that are emitted through sweat and in essence create an aura of irresistibility around us.

What Phero-X ®?
Pherox ® is a revolutionary liquid of the pheromone producer and enhancer that is taken orally. Pherox ®, your body produces much higher levels of pheromones and then you will attract a significantly higher level people.

What makes Phero-X ® differ?
Pherox ® is the only pheromone liquid booster, which is ingested (not spray or perfume) across the liquid form. This allows the ability of the active substance to be absorbed into the body faster and more efficiently. Ultimately, it leads the body to produce and release its own natural pheromones.

How do I know Phero-X ® really work?
Pherox ® has undergone extensive testing and third party organizations to verify its effectiveness.

Men and women may have Phero-X ®?
Yes. Men and women both benefit equally by taking Pherox ®. Men and women produce different types of pheromones and Pherox ® significantly increase the production of pheromones in both sexes

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