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Friday, November 20, 2009


If you are interested and know little about the pheromone cologne, then prepare quite a surprise. Did you know that male pheromones mixed in Cologne can create a seductive fragrance impact on women? I have experience the truest satisfaction that attraction to women, when I heard my door every day.

Pheromone cologne is like an enhanced version of regular cologne. Is part of the male pheromone components, which inhibit the qualities of attraction, beauty and sensuality that men receive from women around them. Use of pheromone have become very popular among men in those days.

Some of the best examples of pheromone cologne include: Pheros, Realm, Chikara, and Corporativo Alfa Maschio for men. Alluring fragrance when worn on a person can drive a woman wild just for you. This will beckon her to know more about you as well.

There is no doubt that the introduction of pheromones in the body, increases the chances for a fling, sensuality and intimacy from women. Just make sure you leave the night breaking the hearts of all around you because you were not able to satisfy those who could not get in time.

Still nice and healthy choices pheromone cologne by my side the whole time. Either it will be in the car or on my dresser, you can be sure that my pheromone will not go unnoticed that women who want to get to a particular evening.

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Article Source: Sebastian_Thomas

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